6 useful tips for new smartphone users

Smartphone devices have become so complex that it is quite easy for a beginner to feel overwhelmed by all the pre-installed applications and advanced features. But in spite of the complicated nature of today’s phones, a little time and effort invested can make a significant difference to how much you enjoy your new smartphone and how effectively you can use them.

Here are 6 useful tips to help you get off on the right foot with a new smartphone:

1. Understand the data usage

There is nothing more frustrating than exceeding your data limit without knowing the exact reasons. Most new devices will point out exactly which functions are using up the data allowance so matter if it is uploading photos, web surfing, e-mail or streaming video and music. If you are using a share plan, other members in the family would eat up your data. Therefore, make sure that everybody on the plan understands how to track the data usage.2. Customize the home screen

A customized screen will make your smartphone actually belong to you. Take some time to install some features such as icons, colors, and wallpaper which can show your preferences. In addition, there is a variety of things that you can customize without limit, including ringtones, notifications, widgets, and apps. Make it unique, make it impressive, make it business-like, but above all, make sure it’s yours!

3. Utilize the hotspot

While most of us often buy a smartphone as a web browsing and communication tool, this device can also work as a personal Wi-Fi hub. Thus, you should learn how to utilize the hotspot or Internet sharing of your smartphone. This feature applies the network of your carrier to generate a local network which can support more than 10 portable devices, including gaming devices, tablets, and laptops!

4. Understand how the camera worksThe camera is definitely one of the most amazing features in a smartphone. Understand some useful tips and techniques can make it a great experience for you. For example, you can use filters to make these boring and gloomy photos into a masterpiece; use an editing tool to improve color and resolution; use different modes to enhance the available lighting; use the instant sharing settings to show your pictures with family and friends. Great photos are, in fact, the most important reason why many people enjoy their smartphone!

5. Backup the data

A common problem that many people often have with their smartphone is the deleting of all data, including photos, contacts, apps. Therefore, make sure that you are using one of the cloud services available on the market to store and sync all your important information. For more info on these services, you can easily make a contact with the service providers.

6. Install a smartphone finder application

Both the Windows Phone and iPhone devices come with finding my smartphone’ features that are built in the operating system. Android users might make use of a variety of free applications that can provide the same function. Those applications will enable you to lock, erase, call or locate your smartphone remotely, which adds peace of mind for those people who rely on their devices a lot for important business and personal use.